13 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Google release an SEO quality check up calculator?

  1. im trying to sing in and it doesnt it doesnt say anything as well and i not blocked it just doesnt let me sing in.

  2. Hmmm.. My take on it is that having a calculator isn't something that spammers would use. I mean, they can calculate all they want but they never want to put in the hard work. So why not add the calculator but just make the qualifying factors harder for the spammers to be discouraged.

  3. All what google wants is to get paid. It's a business like any other, I do not see anything wrong about it. If it would be about user experience, I would not have to click trough tripadvisor's listings on the first 2 pages by searching Diani beach, that is what I call duplicate content…

  4. If content is Google's # 1 goal, WMT should have a more user friendly interface. Regular Mom and Pop businesses are generally not statisticians. Most do not even know what bounce rate is, and we are wasting time in the vicious cycle of figuring out what's wrong!?!

    In 2011, Amit Singhal outlined 23 points for quality content. They are ALL subjective and impossible to know what Google thinks. Why can't Google put plain english indicators in WMT?? Trust, authority,duplicate content, etc.

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  6. yea right…. spamming is the best way to make money. :justkidding

    c'mon google, let me spam you….

  7. That's right Matt, Google has got the balance right as far as providing useful tool (webmasters tool) for us who want to follow Google guidelines. And if you were to share more than what you already do, then as you know, there will be some who simply will spam more and more. So don't change it, nor provide calculator like Bing (which really is a silly idea anyway) because how would anyone calculate each users experience. Isn't that what search engine optimisation is? Or have I got it all wrong?

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